Green Bay Net Announces Bold Business Model Change

Even Fishnet Stockings!

Green Bay Net has been going strong for 15 years as a web development firm. Early on, Green Bay Net quickly added dial-up Internet access to the line-up followed soon after by digital services like DSL, T1 and ISDN. Change has been a natural for the business. However, after building websites for more than 15 years, Green Bay Net looked for "what's next?"

We know what is next! We are pleased to announce a very exciting change: No longer will we provide any Internet access or web development. (We really don't want anything to do with Internet. Let's be honest: it's just a fad). The next thing for our team: NETS not NET.

Enter Green Bay NETS

From this day forward, Green Bay Net will be known as Green Bay NETS. You always expect bold change from us, and this will be no different! Green Bay Nets will carry a full-service, nearly unlimited variety of --- NETS! If you've ever found yourself in bed thinking "If only I had a mosquito net to quiet that pesky swarm of insects." or in your driveway staring up at that 10 year old back-board muttering "I used to be able to hit those from 30 feet out! Swoosh. NOTHING BUT NET!"

Here are just a few of the thousands of varieties of nets we have to offer:

  • Basketball nets
  • Hockey goal nets
  • Fishing nets
  • Mosquito nets
  • Dog nets
  • Cat nets
  • Truck nets
  • Car nets
  • Near nets
  • Far nets
  • Sock nets
  • Shoe nets
  • Cold nets
  • Flu nets
  • Spore nets
  • Flare nets
  • More nets
  • and of course - hair nets!

Our team is ready to get all of your nets!

"This is the million dollar idea! Hey, it works for Batteries Plus," sings an excited Ben Teegarden - who had the idea when scouring Green Bay in search of a simple guitar net. Adds Gina Christenson, "I wasn't behind it until I realized that coffee nets were an actual thing. Then I was in! This is the BILLION dollar idea!"

"Anything is better than e-mail. This is a risky plan, but anything is better than e-mail. It's so crazy that it just might work," one anonymous staffer stated.

"I've always told all of our clients that every entrepreneur really belongs ON THE BEACH." Elliot Christenson enthusiastically announce,"Now, they can make this dream a reality. With our full selection of nets, you can now live on the beach! Armed with a fishing net and a smoothie net, you can keep yourself nourished with tasty seafood and ice cold, tropical drinks!"

Everyone is jumping on-board. Since this was leaked, there has been a frenzy of interest in the new venture. "One word: BEER NET. Sure, that's technically two words, but you get the idea!" slighly states new Green Bay Nets intern Brent Weycker - formerly of Titletown Brewing.

For more information, go to! We will have more to add on our follow-up notice coming in 365 short days.