25 Crazy Facts About the Last 25 Years (a.k.a. Happy Birthday, Old Man Kyle!)

Contemplative Kyle

So, today Kyle turns 25. Ranking right up there with:

  • 10 "Double Digits!"
  • 13 "Facebook Account!"
  • 16 "Give me the Toyota Keys, Dad!"
  • 18 "I'm voting!"
  • 21 "My First Beer!"

Now, we have 25 - the QUARTER CENTURY. Living on the Internet, this made me think - wow. Everything has changed in 25 years. Everything.

  1. We used this stuff called "film" to take our pictures. While photographers have claimed up until very recently the superiority of "analog versus digital", 35mm cameras were all the rage - and they had a quality no greater than the iPhone 5: about 8 megapixels. Wikipedia Digital versus film photography.
  2. Microsoft Windows was at version 2. The first widespread version of Windows: "3.1" wouldn't be out for another FOUR years.
  3. Microsoft Word didn't even run in Windows. It worked in this thing called "DOS".
  4. Moving away from the computer world for a bit, 1988 was the year that - well, click here it's awesome!.
  5. This was also the year that "Yippee-ki-yay" and "I'm an excellent driver" entered the lexicon.
  6. Blockbuster Video was still a thing - and was just getting started with renting video games - and nobody had heard of "DVD"
  7. Onto video games: we had the NES, SMS, and a few Atari models. Since then? Atari left the console market, Sony and Microsoft took over.
  8. There were video game arcades (like the "Gold Mine").
  9. Nirvana was a new band - now, they are on the ballot for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
  10. The Amiga was the most advanced computer.
  11. Katy Perry was 4. There were no such things as Lorde or Miley Cyrus.
  12. There was no Doom nor Quake - and decades from things like Call of Duty and Halo.
  13. None of us had "cell phones".
  14. An iPod sounded like something out of Aliens (which was only a couple of years at that time).
  15. The Sony Discman was available in 1988 but you probably had a Walkman
  16. There Star-Lite Drive-In theater was closing.
  17. President Obama was just entering Harvard Law School.
  18. The Wonder Years was on TV - and it was a show about the late 1960's. We are further away from The Wonder Years than the Wonder Years was to the late 60's.
  19. ST:TNG had just "Engaged." on TV - and there were no X-Files.
  20. There were only 3 Star Wars Films.
  21. The Packers' head coach was Lindy Infante and they had a 4-12 record.
  22. Brett Favre was still in college. He's a grandpa today.
  23. The very first Wal-Mart Super Center opened in Missouri.
  24. Jon Bon Jovi still had long hair.
  25. The world was still waiting to see what was NeXT from Steve Jobs.

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