5 Years Since the REAL iPhone

iPhone 3G - launched July 11, 2008

It's hard to believe, but it's been 5 full years since the iPhone 3G. It's been a full 5 years since the app store. The phone with "twice the speed. half the price." of the original iPhone - and applications that you could install: apps.

To most of us, this now seems so commonplace that Apple even had to settle its lawsuit with Amazon over the term "app store". However, it wasn't long ago where there were no app stores, and there weren't "apps" like we know them now.

We know the date it changed: July 11, 2008. (Since Apple is a global company, it's July 11th in some parts even though it's the 10th in Green Bay right now.)

Can you remember the very first time you popped open Pandora (or Spotify, or MOG, or Rdio etc.)? I do. After an all-nighter excitedly waiting in line --- hoping that Apple doesn't run out on launch day --- that marvelous iPhone 3G was mine.

On that humid July day, as we headed home on Highway 43, we just reveled in the new found freedom that the we had discovered - and the world would soon embrace.

We were streaming unlimited music into our car! (at least until the 3G went away as we approached Green Bay)

Note: Pandora's post today adds even more to this nostalgic celebration

This was a feat that was, just a few short years earlier, seemed like science fiction. A few years prior, music took 30 minutes to download a 3 minute track. Before that, it required finite radio stations or trips to the record store for plastic discs. That day, we immediately realized: radio is dead, newspapers are dead, television is dead. All of these mediums defined by their technology would almost immediately be transformed - or left behind. The pace of the world's move to the Internet instantly accelerated.

Now phones like the Windows Phone and the new Blackberry fail on arrival because they don't have enough apps.

There's a Louis C.K. joke just waiting to jump out of all this.