Can You Master Twitter Like Ellen?

Ellen as Dory

Last night we had Ellen the 86th Academy Awards. As you've no doubt heard by now, Ellen masterfully claimed the spot of "top retweet" with her impromptu gathering of Hollywood royalty:

Ellen DeGeneres Top Tweet

So, what's her secret to mastering Twitter? Simple: Be Ellen DeGeneres and host the Oscars. (that helps, right!?)

Most of us may ever scale the heights of Ellen - or President and First Lady who were a previous record holder POTUS and FLOTUS. However, there are a few notable tactics that you can use that helped push Ellen over the edge.

  1. Fun and spontaneous. Nobody seemed to be in on the joke, so it seemed "un-staged". While we have no idea how much planning really went into the promotion, she made it seem spontaneous.
  2. No "hashtag". While hashtags have their place, it adds complexity and complexity adds a barrier to adoption of your campaign.
  3. Ask for the action. Commanding her minions, fans, and spectators to retweet helps make it happen. If you want "RT's", then ask for them!
  4. Be part of the moment. Why did everyone jump on-board? Along with all of the above, there was a timeliness component to it. You watched for the tweet to come through, and you retweeted to be part of the movement - to be part of the moment.
  5. Engaging content. Yes, it was weird and spontaneous. But it was a once-in-a-lifetime shot with Kevin Spacey, Julia Roberts, and Meryl Streep - not to mention "Mr. Long Arms" Bradley Cooper.
  6. Set a goal. Finally, what put this promotion over the edge? Ellen asked us all to be a part of making history - to make it the all-time biggest Tweet.

Mission accomplished, Ellen.

In summary, have fun, know what you want and ask for it.

Tomorrow: Oscar's biggest loser (Not American Hustle or The Wolf of Wall Street).