Fighting the Junkmail Dragon

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"Why do I get so much junkmail?"

"Why do my friend's emails get blocked?"

This has been the see-saw of spam-fighting for the last two decades. Email providers like Green Bay Net have gone to great lengths to create new and innovative ways to stop the stuff you don't want - while letting the stuff you do want through. While no system is perfect, today we are unveiling a substantial upgrade to how our email works. It's all behind the scenes, so you shouldn't have to change how you do anything. We now employ more sophisticated malware detection and some massively helpful techniques to drop how much junkmail hits your email inbox. This is the most advanced update to our email system that we've rolled out yet - and the biggest upgrade in several years.

  • fewer false positives
  • less junkmail hitting your inbox
  • more tools to fight malware
  • faster email delivery

We try to eat our own dogfood, so we will be rolling this out to customers who have, and a select few other email addresses first. Over the next few weeks, we will switch over all of the remaining email accounts who have not upgraded to our Google Apps services. So, if you have one of those email addresses, please contact us!