Every Steve Jobs Video Ever Made

Steve Jobe with the Mac.

This is a pretty great way to celebrate the late Steve Jobs' birthday. Witness "Every Steve Jobs Video".

It's a great video retrospective that brings into focus the man who really popularized the keyboard to the masses - then killed it with the iPad. He is the guy who introduced the mouse - then killed it with the multitouch trackpad. He is the guy who unleashed overlapping windows on the world - then killed it with the iPhone's "modal" operation of "full screen apps".

We all sit back in awe with the reality distortion field that makes us think this was all according to plan, but maybe his real gift was simply making us all feel good about arbitrary change. Maybe his real contribution to the world was showing that we really do NOT have it all figured out yet.

If you haven't yet, grab the Isaacson biography of Steve Jobs.