How Are We Really Great?

Dave Grohl

I was watching this great Dave Grohl interview:

"If you’re a great band with great songs, people will notice it. That’s it. It’s that f*****g simple. F***product placement and f*****g labels and A and R people and all that b******t. It doesn’t f*****g matter, I swear to God. And if you back that up with the idea that just playing those great songs in your great live band is enough reward for you, then you’re f*****g set. But you’ve got to be b****s. You just have to be really good." (obviously, it was a pretty "relaxed" interview)

I believe his point was that these other things can help - that they can be tools - but you have to be really great.

So, how are we "really great?"

We talk to all sorts of companies. They will talk about this process or widget or service that they provide that is x% better than their competition. We have some of those things too. We believe we have the best strategies, the best design and the best technology. We are really good at what we do. That said, the biggest thing that we have to offer...

Time with Our Clients

That's it

We live, eat and breathe our craft, but we also live, eat and breathe our clients' businesses. For next to nothing, our clients have us an e-mail away 24/7.

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