How Blogging is Like a Mini Road Trip

Brandon Driving

Even though our music muse Teegarden has left for the West Coast, we can still find some great events around. Right now, we are en route to Madison to check out Chris Cornell. Road trips are fun. With ever higher gas prices, they become fewer and farther between. So it got me thinking: what do I love about road trips?

The change of pace. The new scenery. The new music from my fellow road trippers.

Then I got to thinking: the hardest part of keeping a small business blog up to date is very related to that. Let's explore!

The change of pace

Nobody wants to read the same sort of information all the time - much less write it. So mix it up! Imagine you are road tripping. Why would you want to visit your business? Why would you want you services?

Would you even notice your business?

Applying that more specifically to a blog, what new "traveling" or "casual" surfers do you want to attract as customers? Write to them!

The New scenery

You see your business, your services, and your staff every day. The reality is that most of your clients can't follow your business enough to know everything that has changed in the last year or two. Those new things: they need to be repeated every so often. Seems straightforward, but we are too close to what we do every day. Share your newest scenery.

New music

Most businesses don't get a chance at outside ideas, outside news, new music. So, invite some new "road trippers"! How about giving your other staff members a shot at sharing some new ideas. Even better yet: let a friend, client, vendor - even a competitor share some new insights.

Keep it fresh and new.

OK. Almost to Madison. Time for some new music!