I Have No Time To Write a Blog for My Business!? You're Crazy, E.

Publish On Date!

We all start out with the best of intentions.

On January 1st, we'll all promise "This year is different! I'll stay in shape!"

When the new website launches, "This time it'll be different! We'll blog every day!"

Then business reality sets in. Payroll needs to be made. Bills need to be paid. Clients need attention. Suddenly that blog that seemed so crucial to the core of your online success seems less important day-by-day. All of a sudden, a month passes with no new posts. What can you do!?

No Silver Bullet! Only Tools

Thankfully, there is no content automation. Humans are still in control! So, there's no free and easy way to have this done automatically. However, there are some great tools to help you produce your content. One of these tools is Content Scheduling.

Content Scheduling

We all know that it's best to put as much good, useful, sharable, searchable content out onto the Internet as we can. Daily is a good goal. The problem is: some days you are busier than others! Maybe EVERY workday!?

What is a brilliant marketer with a shiny new website to do?!

The magic is to write your content for the day, week, or even month - when you are in "writing mode" or simply have time. You can queue up all of your blog posts, slideshow slides, product launches - whatever content you need to keep your website fresh to your fans on Facebook and your seekers on Google. You can pick a date and time to post your new website information right when you are creating it! This helps to separate the creation of your content with the actual "consumption". If you know based on your stats that your best customers want to read your updates at 11am on Wednesday mornings, but you want to compose your posts over Sunday Night Football, The Walking Dead, or Homeland on Sunday nights - no problem.

On most of the websites that we've launched in the last few years, this feature is under the "Scheduling Options" side-tab at the bottom of the "add content" screen for blogs, slideshow slides, and other content particular to your particular website.

If you want to know how to use this on your existing or future website, just get your consultation scheduled! Don't worry. These aren't the only tips and tricks we have for you! There are all sorts of strategies and tactics that can come in - like a Blogging Calendar