It's Official: It's a Mobile World

Apple's Steve Jobs and Microsoft's Bill Gates at All Things D conference

Today, the big news in the technology sector is all about mobile. Yesterday was the Microsoft-Nokia announcement. Today, Apple officially confirmed their September 10th event for the new iPhone.

The attached photo shows the two giants of the previous era in technology: Bill Gates (co-founder and former CEO of Microsoft) and Steve Jobs (co-founder and former CEO of Apple). Bill Gates spending his fortune saving the world from deadly diseases and poverty - and Steve Jobs famously passed away. Those too are now becoming a distant memory. While they both tip-toed us into our current mobile world, they were very emblematic of the desktop world of the 80's and 90's.

New Apple iPhone

The rumor is that the new iPhone will have new authentication and purchasing services, more color choices, and potentially lower prices. Apple may also be adding China Mobile - a company that has more customers than there are total people in North America - as a carrier of the iPhone. Wow!

Microsoft-Nokia Acquisition

The news yesterday that "lit the Twitter up" was the announcement that Microsoft would be acquiring the consumer hardware component of Nokia. This is the Nokia division that sells that Microsoft Windows Phone powered Lumia phones - so it makes a certain amount of sense that Microsoft would want to ensure that division continues to pump out Windows Phones. Microsoft spend $7+ Billion on the acquisition, so it's a big deal.

What it All Means

While it's a little early to see how all of these major announcements all shake out, one thing is crystal clear: mobile is a big deal. While that might be a big "no duh", in our world of websites, it is still relatively new for developers to create great mobile experiences. While it still feels new to us in many ways, we've been building some great mobile designs for the last few years. Obviously, these last announcements are going to lead to a rapid ramp-down to the world of "desktop first" development, and we'll be there for each step. If you are interested in talking to us about "mobilizing" your website:

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