Open Device Lab Initiative

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This is why the Green Bay area is an underappreciated "Mecca of Tech". Today on Twitter, there was a brief discussion about "Open Device Labs". More and more Twitter users are getting involved. It was started when local developer @chrisjaure had the following post:

After some brief tweeting back and forth, we have the glimmer of the start of something that could become really great: an Open Device Lab for Green Bay!

The idea is to create a place where app and web developers can get access to devices to test and debug their creations without investing in TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in equipment of their own. Here are just a few of the ways in which this could be a great thing:

  • better local collaboration
  • improve the area's prestige
  • make our developers more competitive
  • improve our customers' and users' experience
  • lower individual developer investment
  • and even more!

We'll have more to announce in the future. It will likely be talked about at Web 920 Please like and tweet and pass the word.