Our Logo Evolves!

Green Bay Net's new logo - Web design / Internet marketing

Although most of you might not even notice, we've made some changes to the tagline in our logo to reflect the changes we've gone through in recent years. Green Bay Net began as an ISP in 1998 and at our peak we had thousands of dial-up and DSL customers throughout the Fox Valley and Door County. As dial-up began waning, we started offering web design and development services, with our primary clients being local businesses and organizations. Since about 2005, when we moved to our current location on S Broadway, the tagline under our logo has read "Internet / Consulting / Websites" to reflect that mixture of ISP and web development services.

Times continue to change. In recent years we've focused our energy on creating high quality, mobile friendly websites based on the Drupal open source CMS. Our goal has been to make it as easy as we possibly can for our clients to maintain their website and keep it up to date with fresh information, events, blog posts, etc. and we are constantly raising the bar for ourselves. However, in a time when social media dominates everything, it's often not enough to only have a website, which is why we began automatically pushing our client's site updates out to their Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, and offering clients our expertise on advertising through Facebook and Google. That said, we strongly believe a website should be the central hub of online presence for a business as it's the only thing they have total control over and the only place they can present their business in a truly unique way. Which is why we follow SEO best practices and setup Google Analytics on all of our websites so we can help our clients be noticed by a wider audience.

Slowly it has become apparent that the tagline "Internet / Consulting / Websites" doesn't quite describe what we do at our 15th year in business. So after some thought we've come up with "Web Design / Internet Marketing". A small change maybe, but we think it's an improvement. Hopefully this tagline can take us into the next few years, but as the business we're in is always evolving, expect to see another post like this some day.