Our New Client Portal

Project Management Client Portal

Over time, we have tried using many different project management tools to keep our clients up-to-date with what work we are completing and what work they need to complete to keep their project on-task.

All of them came up just a little short in either flexibility or complexity. So, we decided to build our new project management system right into the greenbaynet.com website using the same Drupal core that we use to build everything from e-commerce systems to forums to full media sites. We're pretty excited about the possibilities it holds for streamlining our processes. It also gives our clients the opportunity to get practice administering their site - since the interface is very similar.

This double duty was the real deciding factor. Rather than spending a training session bringing less sophisticated users up-to-speed on whatever project management system du jour - we now give them a brief introduction to logging into our website. Then, all that they learn will apply to their own site.

We feel this will allow for less time spent on teaching our clients the easy things - and allowing for more complex training. It will also free us up to spend more effort on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM) and working on editorial calendars.

If you are interested in getting a demo of this exciting new system, schedule your free 1 hour consultation!