Relaunch of Healthy Home Heating & Cooling Website

Just in time for the heat of summer - and the occasional cold-spell of spring - it is time to check out what Healthy Home Heating & Cooling has to offer. They do residential and businesses - including keeping things at a year-round comfortable 70° at Green Bay Net HQ.

Some of the new features: a more streamlined interface to common information. A tips & news section of the site promises to offer up timely tips to keep warm in the cold times and warm in the cold times. They may also remind you of common maintenance (like when to change your filters!). Of course, if you prefer the full-service touch (like we do), you may want to consider their Peace of Mind Program: this is a great new service Healthy Home launched this year to take care of routine maintenance for you - when it needs to be done!

Taking the guesswork out of your HVAC is genius, and we are such fans of the (Peace of Mind Program a.k.a. "PMP") that you will often hear Elliot try to take credit for it.

It's been a busy month for the Healthy Home Heating & Cooling team: they have a new location @ 814 S. Military in Green Bay and new Green Bay phone number 920-884-9119 as well. Contact them now and don't forget to tell them that Green Bay Net sent you.

P.S. If you are already a happy client, please feel free to leave them a review. You can leave comments as well as a star rating of 1-5 stars. Reviews are a great way to point out areas of improvement - but to also reward great companies like Healthy Home for the great attention to customers that they offer!

Stay comfortable!