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Customer Service

A few weeks back, we sent a notice out asking looking for guest writers for our Green Bay Net Blog . Thomas Clifford - who generally is known as tommytrc online - was one of a few that jumped at the chance with:

"If you are serious about a blog, I'll be honored to do one for you."

The honor is ours. This is exactly what we wanted to see - and more importantly: what we believe our clients want to see. Please watch the video to see what Mr. Clifford has to say about his experience after the power outages in the Fox Cities:

As you can see, WE Energies really set the bar pretty high for the rest of us! At Green Bay Net, we like to equate customer service with focused, conscientious, dedicated work. Nobody does a perfect job, and there is always room for improvement. Here are a few of the things we've done to improve over customer service - or as Tommy would say to "over-communicate":

  • Weekly Touch-Base Meetings (more on that in a future Post)
  • The G-SPOT
  • The 5x5

This is a great reminder that we can all do better --- and sometimes people notice when we get there! Thanks to Tommy for the video - and WE Energies for setting a great example.