We Can Help You With Your Blogging Calendar


Blogging is hard. Much like getting regular exercise, regular blogging is difficult to keep a consistent pace. One tool that we've found useful is to create a "blogging calendar". Simply taking the time to determine what you want to blog about ahead of time makes the actual posts much simpler to write. Where do you start?

We try to plot out as much of the year as possible ahead of time. Then, we review it monthly to fill in the blanks and make adjustments. Adding in national, global, and local holidays, some industry specific news, and some company specific services and tips (like this) are great ways to keep your editorial content flowing.

Here are some great places to find events:

  1. Brainy History
  2. Wikipedia - the main page lists events in history "today", but they also maintain pages for every calendar day of the year!
  3. Holidays for Everyday - This is "International Get Over It Month" and today is "National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day"

Additional ideas for your Blogging Calendar:

  1. Staff Birthdays/Anniversaries/Births
  2. Milestones in your organization's history
  3. Industry dates (e.g. April 14th for accountants is the obvious example)
  4. Local community events.

Let us help:

If you'd like us to help you put together your blogging calendar, help write editorial content, or in discuss any other ideas you have to make your website awesome, please contact us for a free consultation