What Is Your Best Cold Weather Prep Tip!?

Mr. Freeze Photo

So, you've all heard the news. There won't be a TV blackout. Most of you poor souls will be stuck at home, in the heat, with your slow-motion 1080p, 10 feet away from the bathroom, and another 10 feet away from the microwave and fridge. What a pity.

For the 80,000 of us that will be braving the elements, we need to properly prep for the cold. The forecast is calling for a HIGH temperature of -2°F (windchill of 21 below) and a LOW temperature of -20°F (windchill of 8.7 million below zero) - game time will be somewhere in the middle of those extremes. What is a real Packer fan to do? Layers, right?

What If I Get Too WARM?

For those that have spent close to 4 hours in sub-zero temperatures, maybe you can relate. I've been frozen in parts (toes in particular) and too warm elsewhere.

Tentative Plan

Here is my list of what I'm planning as of now going roughly from head to toe:


  • Standard issue Packers stocking cap
  • Ear muffs
  • Ski mask (maybe ski goggles? I'm not a skier - is it worth buying a pair?)
  • Scarf

So: Too much? Not enough? Thoughts on the ski goggles?


  • "Underarmor" type tights shirt
  • Thermal shirt
  • Standard issue "Packer" good-luck sweatshirt
  • Hooded Parka

Again: Too much? Not enough?


  • Running tights
  • Thermal underwear
  • Snowpants

Good plan?


  • Tight socks
  • Wool socks
  • Air activated "Toe heaters"
  • Probably Doc Martens

Foot comfort is super important, right? Will this be too warm? Any comments on the "toe heaters"


  • Smartphone friendly touch gloves (need some selfies, right?)
  • Flip open gloves/mittens
  • Air activated hand-warmers in the mittens - with a back-up set in coat

Seems like enough - but it's going to be COLD

Any Other Tips?

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