What's Your Favorite Arrested Development Quote?!

Blue Tobias from Arrested Development

For those of us that have been fans of Arrested Development, this day has taken a long time to get here. To the rest of you that have no idea what we're so excited about, well, "we don't understand the question, and we won't respond to it". With the layers of innuendo, slapstick, and pop-culture references, it will be a pleasure to consume all of season 4 in one sitting. At least we will try!

To check out what we're talking about, you'll need Netflix. But, then just get on over to:


What we're interested in: what is your favorite one-liners from Arrested Development? No Tobias quotes are not off-limits. The great thing: since all episodes of season 4 are up at once, you don't have to fear the wrath of spoilers.

To refresh your memory on the first 3 seasons, here are some great list of Arrested Development Quotes:

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