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Original Amiga Computer
CES is going on right now from January 8-11 in Las Vegas. Throughout its history many notable products have made their debut. Here are our favorites from over the years: 1970 - VCR 1981 - CD 1988 - Tetris 2001 - Xbox 1999 - TiVO 1983 - Commodore 64 1984 - Amiga Computer

English Toffee from Mail Me Chocolates
Another great, strange holiday from with a great online twist: You can stock up on some Dark Chocolate English Toffee. There is also Milk Chocolate English Toffee. Mail Me Chocolates has a fantastic assortment of great chocolates. Yum!

January 7th is "Old Rock Day" according to It turns out that 30 years ago this week Business As Usual from Men At Work was the #1 album. Even crazier is that 25 years ago had the Soundtrack to Dirty Dancing holding the top spot. The accompanying photo shows Max...

If you're paying attention, you'll see that our Santa icon went away and is replaced by a cute little New Year's baby. Have a great New Year! We're looking forward to a bunch of awesome projects slated to start in January. Watch our blog for all sorts of exciting news coming up!

Merry Christmas from Santa Max and your friends at Green Bay Net. Have a safe, joyful holiday season.

Congratulations Packers on winning a second consecutive NFC North crown. Go Pack!

Our website is getting in the holiday spirit! We've decked our HTML with boughs of... CSS? ... Well, you get the idea. It looks cool. Check out our home page right now. ...Silent site, holy site... Okay, this just isn't working.

DNS Services SCAM
Recently, we've caught word that a wave of our clients have been receiving SCAM invoices from a company calling themselves "DNS Services" in Vancouver. It is important for you to report them: FTC Complaint BBB Complaint Yelp Anything having to do with services you receive from Green Bay Net...

Did you check out our amazing Ginger Bread Net? It was designed by Broadway neighbor Monzu Bistro with some small upgrades by Ben. Vote for us to win, and you can win $50 for the Broadway Business of your choice. Let us know what you think!

Your blog is not this cute!
No, this article is not about Justin and Selena. It's about your company blog (oh, joy!). Specifically, it's about how to craft a TITLE for your blog. Three little things. Benefits v. Features In our increasingly soundbite, text message, tweet oriented world, it's becoming more important than...

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