You've Got a Website, a "1-800", a Twitter, a Facebook - Now What?

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So, it's Presidents Day. We honor our U.S. Founding Fathers. You, obviously, have the day off from work, right?

OK. OK. You can stop laughing now. Obviously, most of us are working today.

So, you're stuck at work, there's going to be a small snow storm --- what are you doing to really help your business? Are you "Facebooking", "Tweeting", "Emailing", "Blogging", "SEO'ing"? Most likely not.

"Ain't nobody got time for that!"

So, here's a little freebie for you. Whether you are a Green Bay Net client or not, there is a great (FREE) thing you can do that will help your business:

Learn How To Be A Web Marketing GENIUS For $0: No Strings Attached. No Sales Pitch.

You've probably heard about the local Web Developer group: Web 920. If not: you should check it out. If so, please don't forget to tell your friends! We've got a free event going on Wednesday Google Analytics 101: What You Need To Know!

GA 101 is WEDNESDAY MORNING (Wednesday, February 19th)

You don't know what Google Analytics is? Great! Thisevents are tailor made for making you - and your web presence better!

So, circling back to the title: You've Got a Website, a "1-800", a Twitter, a Facebook - Now What? Wouldn't it be great to go into a room of experts and ask that very question? Is your marketing perfect? Are your customer experiences perfect? Is there a better place to be during some snowy weather than Titletown Brewing Company? That's right, I buried the lead: all of our Web 920 sessions are held at Titletown. See you there!

P.S., You can also share this as a Facebook event - Google Analytics 101: What You Need To Know.

(Note: this article was edited to reflect the cancellation of tonight's event due to weather. Stay safe!)